20x20oz AT Line Air Powered Multi-Component Sausage Gun (Standard Configuration)

Albion EngineeringSKU: CB-ALB-AT1200S-2

Precio de venta$889.25


  • Twin 20oz sausage pack air powered dispensing gun for 2K sealants.
  • Dispenses 20oz twin Sausage packs in 1:1 mix ratio
  • Designed specifically to dispense Dow Corning 902 RCS, Sikasil 728 RCS and Pecora 322FC silicone expansion joint sealants packaged in twin 20oz sausage packs.
  • Ergonomic design - Two-hand operation with improved control means easier and more comfortable material dispensing.
  • Faster flow increases productivity - More power from a 4" diameter cylinder dramatically increases the flow of material.
    • PLUS an improved manifold design increases the flow of material.
  • Responsive - Improved trigger control, easy access regulator
  • Adaptable - Quickly change over from one-hand to two-hand configurations.
  • Easy reload - Truly functional upright position allows easy load and unload of sausage packs.
  • Rugged construction - Albion's legendary quality and state-of-the-art engineering ensures that the tool can handle rugged conditions.
  • Add 3/4" diameter, 16 element static mixer #484-146-6166F4M for best results.
    • For narrower joints add Reducer 27-9+ our metal nozzles
  • Replaces our former model 635-1.
  • For Patented Suitcase Handle (One-hand dispensing) AT1200S
  • Quick disconnect is 1/4" style J or M. 150 PSI maximum operating pressure. 1 CFM.

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