380ml Cordless Co-Axial Multi-Component Cartridge Gun (4:1 or 5:1)

Albion EngineeringSKU: CB-ALB-E18C380X4

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  • Dispenses Compact Coaxial (cartridge-within-a-cartridge) Cartridges, containing a combined total of 380ml/12.85 fl. oz. of material in a 4:1 or 5:1 mix ratio.
  • Also designed to dispense 3M FIP 1-Step Fire Barrier Rated Foam packaged in compact Coaxial (cartridge-within-a-cartridge) Cartridges.
  • Tested and approved by 3M, the 18-Volt cordless model E18C380X4 gun will effortlessly dispense up to 80 cartridges on a single charge. This number will vary based on material viscosity.
  • The variable speed trigger combined with the maximum speed dial provides total dispensing control.
  • With a full barrel to limit cartridge swelling under pressure, this tool eliminates the messy leakage or "blow-by" caused by other guns.
Features of the 18V cordless drive
  • Speed - 35 seconds to dispense entire load at full speed
  • Power - 3 times the thrust of a standard manual drive
  • Flow control - instant drive disengagement
  • Ergonomic design - reduces wrist strain
  • Dispensing control - adjustable trigger speed
  • Duration - up to 25 loads on one charge. This number will vary based on material viscosity.
  • Full assembly - ready to go right out of the box
  • Includes: 18 Volt Lithium-Ion battery and Fast 30 minute charger
*If you are comparing Cordless Battery Powered dispensing tools with Air Powered please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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