Malta R0005 Suspension Trauma Relief Strap

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Malta Dynamics, LLCSKU: CB-MAL-R0005

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Arresting an accidental fall is just the first step to making sure that a worker is safely rescued. A planned and swift rescue is vital to save someone who is hanging by their harness. In the time that it takes to retrieve the fallen worker, numerous secondary complications and injuries can occur. While suspended, the femoral arteries of the worker, which are located on the inner thigh, are vulnerable to excess pressure. The Malta Dynamics Harness Trauma Relief Strap quickly unravels to create a bridge under the feet of the suspended worker, which can then be used to stand up in the harness to relieve pressure from the rest of the body. The bridged design of the suspension strap allows the worker to relieve pressure by standing up with both feet on the strap, or one at a time. The wide design of the fall protection trauma strap is designed to easily fit into the heel of a work boot to provide a sturdier surface to stand on. The suspension straps are equipped with quick connect buckles and can be adjusted and pre-set to the appropriate height of the worker, so that if an accident occurs, everything is already prepared for deployment and safety. A suspension trauma strap does not hinder the activity of a worker, in fact, the lightweight and easy-to-use accessory stays clipped and stowed on each hip of the harness and can be deployed to create a suspension relief strap to stand up on while awaiting rescue. During a rescue every second counts, and the addition of suspension trauma straps for fall protection can provide extra minutes of rescue time before circulatory complications occur. Medical experts agree that safety harness trauma straps provide a needed redirection of pressure on the body while someone is suspended. Without trauma straps, blood can be restricted to the brain and other organs that could result in unconsciousness and even death if not rescued promptly. Suspension trauma relief straps for fall protection are a low cost item that can and should be added to any harness. Key Features:
  • Compact and Lightweight
  •  Does Not Hinder the Activity of Worker
  •  Alleviates The Forces of Suspension in a Harness
  •  Allows Suspended Worker to Stand Up to Relieve Pressure
  •  Easy Deployment
  •  Weighs Under 1 Lb.
  •  Ambidextrous Use
  •  Quick Connect for Fast and Easy Use
  •  Pre-Adjustable and Ready to Use Immediately
  •  Wider Strap Accommodates Work Boots and Helps Ideal Foot Placement
  •  Allows for Single or Double Leg Use
  •  Allows the Suspended Worker to Stand Up in their Harness to Relieve Pressure
Product Downloads: Trauma Relief Strap Manual Trauma Relief Strap Spec Sheet Declaration of Conformity

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