PX3 Mobile Original Fall Protection Cart 5 Users 3 in Fall Arrest 2 in Fall Restraint

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Introducing the PX3 mobile fall protection system, a revolutionary solution that redefines portability, weighing in at a mere 425 lbs – a remarkable 45% lighter than competing systems on the market. Unparalleled in ease of transport and setup, the PX3 lifts into place swiftly, allowing users to click off and commence work with unprecedented efficiency. Adaptability is key, and when the work site demands relocation, the PX3 ensures a seamless transition, minimizing downtime. Choose the PX3 for a mobile fall protection system that sets a new standard in efficiency, safety, and adaptability.

UNMATCHED PORTABILITY: The PX3 sets a new standard for portability, offering unparalleled ease of transport. At just 425 lbs, it's 45% lighter than other systems, combining convenience with uncompromising safety.

QUICK SETUP AND RELOCATION: Designed for efficiency, the PX3 lifts into place swiftly, enabling users to commence work promptly. Should the work site require relocation, the PX3 can be easily moved, ensuring adaptability and minimal downtime.

MAXIMUM WORKER CAPACITY:Accommodating up to five workers simultaneously, the PX3 ensures comprehensive fall protection. Three workers can be positioned under arrest, while two others can work safely in restraint, optimizing efficiency at height.

READY FOR THE JOB: Shipped jobsite ready on a standard pallet, the PX3 eliminates the need for extensive assembly, streamlining workflow and ensuring immediate usability upon delivery.

KEY FEATURES: Equipped with 5 steel spikes for roof penetration in the event of a fall, the PX3 prioritizes safety. The Rescue Winch System offers 100 feet of galvanized lifeline, facilitating the rescue of a fallen worker with its manual winch.

ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGES: A standard locking tool box ensures equipment safety, security, and dry storage for later use. Retractable handles provide quick storage and easy relocation on the site.

Tiedown 72810 Product Specs:

  • Number of Users: 5
  • Users on Fall Arrest: 3
  • Users on Fall Restraint: 2
  • Compatible with: Tiedown's PX3 System
  • Compliance: OSHA 1910.140 & 1926.502
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Division: Safety
  • Height: 30.52 inches
  • Length: 52.14 inches
  • Mf Warranty: 1-Year Limited
  • Weight: 425.00 lbs
  • Width: 46.00 inches
  • Contact sales@wryker.com for your customized quote! Product requires freight.

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