Box of Royal Rags - White Terry Cloth 10LB

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Reclaimed Textiles' White Terry Rags are a sustainable and efficient solution for your cleaning needs. Made from recycled materials, these terry cloth rags come in a convenient 10 lb box, providing you with a generous supply of versatile and absorbent cleaning essentials.

Reclaimed Textiles 10lb Box of Disposable Rags - Key Features:

Sustainable: Crafted from recycled materials, these terry rags are a sustainable choice, contributing to environmental conservation. Reclaimed Textiles takes pride in offering cleaning solutions that minimize waste and promote responsible resource use.

Superior Absorbency: The terry cloth material excels in absorbency, making these rags highly effective for various cleaning tasks. From spills to general-purpose cleaning, experience enhanced performance with each use.

Generous Quantity: The 10 lb box ensures you have an ample supply of cleaning rags at your disposal. With an estimated piece count of 60, this box provides both quantity and quality for extended use.

Corrugated Design: Built for easy use, the corrugated cardboard opens up easily for straightforward access to your cleaning rags.

Versatile Size: Each rag measures 14 inches by 17 inches, offering a versatile size for a range of cleaning applications. Tackle various surfaces and tasks with ease, ensuring thorough cleaning results.

General Purpose Cleaning: Tailored for general-purpose cleaning, these terry rags are your go-to solution for a wide array of cleaning tasks, ideal for generic jobsite cleanup. To really fight jobsite messes, consider using Del-Val Orange Citrus Cleaner!

Convenient Packaging: Packaged in a sturdy box, these terry rags are easy to store and access whenever you need them. Easy to throw in your truck and have ready for when the need comes up.

Elevate your cleaning experience with Reclaimed Textiles White Terry Rags. Embrace the power of recycled materials while enjoying superior absorbency and versatility in a convenient 10 lb box.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa McMahan
good rags

i like these rags because there is a variety of different types which comes in handy when dealing with multiple different surfaces.


Quality rags and the box makes them easily accessible and good for storage in a toolbox.

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