Albion Adhesive Applicator 1500 ml 26:1 Ratio

Albion EngineeringSKU: CB-ALB-B26T1500

Sale price$146.00


This Albion Engineering's B-Line Multi-Component Dispensing Gun is an exceptional construction tool. The sleek design ensures a smooth & powerful high thrust 26:1 ratio drive. It handles 750 X 750 ml 1:1 mix ratio twin cartridges. Featuring full carriage containment units, side load. 

Albion's legendary double gripping plates and steel trigger means increased durability. Full size handle for comfortable, efficient dispensing. Specifically designed for dispensing epoxies & adhesives on construction joints, crack injection, adhesive installation and bolt setting (chemical anchoring).

The adjustment screw technology extends its lifespan. As the tool wears, you can adjust the screw to eliminate wasted motion. This gun will accept the SikaFlex Anchor Fix III 55oz twin cartridge. Designed for Thin or Thick materials, such as Two-Component Acrylics , Urethanes and Epoxies. 

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