Light Weight (5 MIL) Blue Waterproof Tarp 16'X20'

Erickson Mfg.SKU: CB-ERK-57009

Sale price$16.40


The Lightweight Blue 4 Mil Tarp is the ultimate ally for all-encompassing waterproofing and vital UV protection. Expertly crafted with a meticulously enforced mesh pattern, this tarp stands ready to shield expansive areas that won't endure foot traffic. Engineered with precision, it ensures your valuables remain safeguarded against nature's forces.

Elevating its practicality are rust-resistant steel grommets, thoughtfully placed along its fortified edges, making anchoring a seamless endeavor. From addressing leaks to safeguarding equipment from unforeseen weather challenges, this tarp emerges as an invaluable tool for prompt fixes and storm cleanup. However, it's crucial to note that this tarp isn't suitable for applications demanding intense foot traffic. Walking on a 4 mil tarp may result in unintended rips and breaks.

Product Features:

  • Reinforced Mesh Pattern: The robust mesh structure guarantees unmatched strength and resilience.
  • Rust-Resistant Steel Grommets: Cleverly positioned grommets offer secure attachment points that endure over time.
  • Ideal for Quick Fixes and Emergencies: Perfect for addressing leaks and unforeseen weather challenges swiftly.
  • SIZE: 16' x 20'

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