Heavy Duty (10 MIL) Silver Waterproof Tarp 20'X30'

Erickson Mfg.SKU: CB-ERK-57026

Sale price$69.77


The Erickson Heavy Duty Silver Tarps are the embodiment of tarpaulin strength and resilience. These tarps stand as a testament to durability, featuring a 10 millimeter thickness with a robust laminate crisscross mesh of Denier nylon thread seamlessly sandwiched between two layers of reflective silver-gray polyethylene.

The polyethylene material goes beyond the surface, treated to repel UV rays and water with unwavering efficiency. With these treatments, rest assured that these exceptional tarps will defy the odds, resisting rot and mildew even amidst the most challenging conditions. Enhancing their practicality are rust-proof grommets adorning the four welded edges every 3 feet, offering convenient anchor points for bungees or ratchet straps. Tailored to excel in commercial settings requiring substantial reliability, these tarps emerge as indispensable assets.

Product Features:

  • Reinforced Mesh Pattern: The intricate crisscross mesh design amplifies the tarp's strength and resilience.
  • Rust-Resistant Steel Grommets: Strategically placed grommets ensure secure attachment points that endure over time.
  • Ideal for Industrial Applications: From demanding workplaces to rigorous job sites, these tarps are designed for uncompromising performance.
  • SIZE: 20' x 30'

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