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Concrete Removable Anchor | 1" Max Diameter | 10K lbs. Rating


FallTech concrete anchors have been designed for applications where traditional anchors fall short. Whether a temporary solution is needed for pre-cast or pour in place concrete, or if a permanent yet removable anchorage is needed, FallTech concrete anchors provide expected solutions. We know that the stakes are high. And, when it comes to worker safety, there are no second chances. That is why. Fall Protection is all we do. And we take it seriously. Advanced technical design and rigorous quality testing are the backbone of FallTech's manufacturing process. We train and staff fall protection experts that understand problems, not just fall protection products, and can identify fall safety solutions that save lives. At FallTech, we engineer innovative fall safety solutions as though lives depend on it. Because they do.

Product Features

  • 1'' maximum hole diameter and 4'' maximum hole depth
  • Unique solution designed for use in cured, existing concrete
  • Can be relocated and used repeatedly
  • Ideal for construction and maintenance applications.
  • Part #: 7441