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DeWALT 20V MAX Starter Kit | 1 Lithium Ion Battery, 1 Charger


This starter kit will power your DeWALT tools reliably, perfect for getting started on jobs requiring power tools or to replace old batteries and chargers. All professional construction workers know, a powered tool is only as good as its battery. Ensure your tool performs to its fullest potential with the trusted DeWALT brand.

Product Features

  • 20V MAX* 5.0AH XR Battery X2 , provides up to 10 Amp Hours of Capacity
  • Kit includes a Soft Bag for additional tool storage
  • Charges all 12V, 20V and 60V MAX* batteries at a 4 amp charge rate
  • Batteries come with a 3 year Free Service Warranty through Manufacturer
  • Lightweight and portable battery at only 1.4 lbs.