Ladder Hooks with Wheels Tiedown

Tie Down ManufacturingSKU: CB-TIE-65005

Sale price$49.00


Tie-Down Safety's Ladder Hooks are your quick and safe solution for accessing steep roofs. These reliable devices are designed to attach to the top two rungs of any ladder, including extension models. With ease and efficiency, you can roll or slide the ladder past the roof peak and turn it over, and the hook will securely fasten the ladder to the opposite side, ensuring a stable and safe climb.

The Ladder Hooks come equipped with a rubber grip T-bar, which helps prevent damage to shingles and metal roofs, ensuring a gentle touch on delicate surfaces. Made from durable yellow zinc-plated steel, these hooks are built to withstand the elements and offer a longer life span, providing you with a reliable tool for your roofing needs. For optimal safety, we recommend using two ladder hooks for each ladder, and don't worry, a full set is included for your convenience.

Product Features

  • Rubber Grip T-bar to prevent damage to shingles and metal roofs
  • Yellow Zinc plated steel for longer life
  • 2 ladder hooks are recommended for each ladder (full set included)

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