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Free Shipping on orders over $100! (some exclusions apply)
Free Shipping on orders over $100! (some exclusions apply)

Light Weight Blue Waterproof Tarp

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Blue Light Duty 4 Mil Tarps for general waterproofing and UV Protection. The mesh pattern has an enforced durability, which is especially useful for covering large areas that will not be walked on. Steel grommets placed on the reinforced edges make it easy to anchor the tarps into place. Ideal for covering leaks, protecting equipment from weather, and storm cleanup applications. 

Please note these tarps are not recommended for applications that require a significant amount of foot traffic. Treading on a 4 mil tarp will likely cause rips and breaks. For a higher industrial grade tarp that does not rip when walked on, please see the grey 10 mil tarp offered here.

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  • Reinforced mesh pattern
  • Steel rust resistant grommets
  • Great for quick leak fixes and emergencies