Parapet Wall and Universal Guardrail System Per unit.

Tie Down ManufacturingSKU: CB-TIE-65015

Sale price$199.00


The Tie-Down Safety Parapet Wall Anchor installs easily onto existing walls with no need for additional tools or penetration of the wall surface. This anchor is a versatile system that will provide fall protection on parapet walls as well as floor slabs or decks. It is able to accommodate parapet walls or decks up to 24" in thickness. By inverting the adjustable compression base parapet clamp, this anchor can be used for deck and slab guardrail applications.  The complete system includes post and compression base.  

Lightweight and easy to install.  Constructed of rugged metal square tubing.  Requires 2x4 (not included) for mid and top rail.  Adjustable mid and top rail brackets secure the 2x4's by increasing tension to the wing nut.  No cleating of overlap 2x4's required.  Includes kick board bracket when used on slab applications.  Maximum spacing of 8 feet.

Product Features:

  • Maximum spacing of 8 feet between posts.
  • Versatile system for use on both parapet walls and decks.
  • Compression base will accommodate up to 24 inch parapets.
  • Top and mid rail brackets will accommodate 2x4 wood rails.
  • Wood rails require minimum of 12 inch overhang.
  • Adjustable mid and top rail brackets eliminate need to cleat rail overlap.
  • Kick board bracket included for slab or deck applications.
  • Meet or exceed all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI.


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