Refillable Dispenser with Detour® 32 Earplugs

Sale price$66.00


Radians innovative disposable earplug dispensers provide quick and easy access to earplugs, increasing worker compliance and decreasing waste by dispensing one plug at a time. Conveniently mount the dispenser on a wall or rack, or place on a countertop. The base is easily separated to make refilling quick and easy. The FPD-500L30 earplug dispensers come with 500 pairs of Detour® FP30 disposable earplugs that are Made in the USA.

Product Features:

  • Wall or Countertop Mount
  • Dispenses Plugs Hygienically
  • 500 Pairs of USA-Made Detour™ FP30 Earplugs Included
  • Easily Refillable with Radians Earplugs


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