Spud Bars 3 1/2" Replacement Blades Tiedown

Tie Down ManufacturingSKU: CB-TIE-13819

Sale price$8.00


These 3-1/2" Replacement Blades are compatible with Tie Down Engineering spud bars. Specifically designed for removing old roofing, mopped-down trouble spots, slag, gravel, and eliminating fasteners, these replacement blades ensure that your spud bar remains at its best for every job. Engineered with hardened steel, these blades guarantee durability and sharpness, enabling you to work smarter, not harder, during tear-offs.

Sold individually, these blades easily bolt onto Tie Down Spud Bars, providing you with a hassle-free replacement process. With a 7" length, these blades are designed to fit perfectly and deliver precise performance, ensuring you can rely on your spud bar for efficient and effective roof tear-offs.

Product Features:

  • Sold individually
  • Engineered with hardened steel
  • Bolts easily onto Tie Down Spud Bars

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