Spud Bars 3 1/2" with Knob Handle 54 1/2" L Tiedown

Tie Down ManufacturingSKU: CB-TIE-13816

Sale price$48.00


The RoofZone 3.5" Spud Bar is the ultimate tool for construction professionals, designed with a heavy-duty steel tube construction for maximum efficiency. This versatile spud bar is the perfect companion for removing old roofing, tackling mopped-down trouble spots, eliminating slag and gravel, and effortlessly removing fasteners. Equipped with hardened steel bolt-on blades, each bar ensures easy replacement and exceptional longevity, providing you with a reliable and durable tool that stands the test of time.

The RoofZone Spud Bar features a comfortable knob handle, allowing for a firm grip and precise control during your tasks. With an overall length of 54.5 inches, this tool offers an ideal balance between maneuverability and reach, making it a practical choice for various applications. The replaceable blades guarantee you'll always have sharp and effective cutting edges at your disposal, ensuring consistent performance on the job. Whether you're a roofing professional or tackling tough construction projects, the RoofZone 3.5" Spud Bar is your trusted companion for effortless and efficient work.

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