Trauma Strap Relief

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The Malta Dynamics Suspension Trauma Relief Strap is a premium trauma strap designed to reduce the effects of prolonged fall suspension. The strap can be pre-set and customized for a specific worker. Simply connect the strap using the quick connect and the system is ready to use. The design gives both workers and employers peace of mind that it can be used properly in the event of a fall. Without trauma straps, blood can be restricted to the brain and other organs that could result in unconsciousness and even death if not rescued promptly.

Compatible with all full-body harnesses sold by Wryker, the Trauma Strap is easy to adjust, and its low profile keeps it out of the way during work.

● Product Weight: 0.4 lbs.
● Quick Connect for fast ease of use
● Easy adjust customizable straps
● Pre-adjustable so it’s ready to use immediately
● Wider strap accommodates work boots and helps ideal foot placement
● Compact and lightweight design keeps it out of the way until needed


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