Turbo Roofer Combination Torch Kit w 3444-47 & 3470-47 Torch Assemblies Sievert 500,000 BTU

Sievert Industries Inc.SKU: CB-SIE-CS4470

Sale price$387.00


A superior torch designed to provide reliability and dependability for all of your modified membrane roofing applications. This Sievert Combination kit comes with two torches, regulator, hose, disconnects, and striker. Quality one piece construction you've come to expect from Sievert.

From the manufacturer: We use the very best steel and the most advanced production technology. Even so, Sievert quality means much more than reliable operation and a long working life. It means knowledge of the user’s daily work and long experience of the industry. It means a worldwide organization. It means the products and range of accessories that make up the whole Sievert System.

Product Features:

  • Sievert Pragmatic 10" Power flame burner, 200k - 400k BTU/hour, designed to snap into the Pragmatic Handle 3366
  • Burner diameter 60mm, burner and neck length 250mm. Power burner with extremely strong and windproof flames for roofing work
  • Field torch for heat demanding work
  • part# CS4470
  • Torch assembly part# 3444-47
  • Torch assembly part# 3470-47

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