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Our toolbox talks provide trade tips for staying safe and OSHA compliant on construction sites. No matter what size job, safety matters. Every time.

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We know what it takes to get the job done safely and remain OSHA compliant. Make your job easy by reducing the number of products you have to search through to find what you're really looking for. Our collection of construction supplies lets you get everything you need for PPE and workplace necessities in one place.

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Toolbox Talks

Tricks of the trade for improved performance on construction job sites.

Toolbox Talk No. 4 - Hard Hats
Toolbox Talk No. 4 - Hard Hats
September 20, 2019

Daniel Dupuis

Hard hats are a job site essential – you can’t step foot on many construction sites without one. But do you know when and why you need to wear one? Do you know what separates a Type 2 from a Type 1 hard hat? And how do you know when you need to replace your headgear? Read on for these and more guidelines for proper hard hat use.

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