6' Internal Energy Absorbing Lanyard | Single-leg | Steel Snap Hooks

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The Internal 6-Foot Shock Absorbing Lanyard Z07 features single-leg construction and utilizes 1-1 / 4-inch tubular polyester webbing for resistance to UV light and abrasion and a tensile strength of 6,000 pounds. It also features double-locking snap hooks at the attachment and anchorage ends. The internal continuous-length shock absorb limits arresting forces to 900 pounds or less. Internal shock-absorbing lanyards feature a unique continuous-length shock absorbing material inside a durable tubular web. These products are not only economical, but also provide a smooth and efficient arrest in the event of a fall. 

Product Features

  • Single-leg strap for descent detention
  • Designed to limit arresting forces to 900 pounds
  • Lightweight design makes this an end-user favorite
  • 1-1 / 4-inch tubular fabric has a tensile strength of 6,000 pounds
  • Meets the requirements of ANSI z359.1 - 2007, a10.32 - 2004 and OSHA 1926
  • Part #: 8259


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