Red Dragon RD6009 Heated Roof Blower

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Elevate your roofing capabilities with Red Dragon roofing equipment by Flame Engineering, a time-tested industry favorite delivering innovative designs and exceptional value. The RD6009 Roof Dryer is your key to maintaining productivity in adverse weather conditions. This robust equipment not only trims labor costs but ensures seamless operations in unpredictable weather. Tailored for use post-ponding water removal, the RD 6009 efficiently tackles morning dew, frost, and light debris.

The Red Dragon RD 6009 Roof Dryer is your all-in-one solution, effortlessly defrosting, drying, and swiftly getting you back on the job. Crafted with a rugged design and user-friendly features, it stands as the preferred choice for professional roofing contractors. This Roof Dryer employs a potent combination of a 5.5 HP Honda GC160 motor, generating high heat (up to 350 º F) and an impressive 153 MPH airstream. Its 1600 Cubic Ft per Min capacity ensures rapid drying, minimizing costly downtime. Unlike competitors, the RD 6009's cordless design eliminates the risk of electrical shock.

The RD 6009 Roof Dryer is ideal for:

  • Drying the rooftop (post-ponding water removal)
  • Morning dew removal
  • Frost – defrost and dry
  • Light debris

The heating system features a VT 3 12 S Burner, delivering up to 250,000 BTU/hr for a maximum dry temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 C). Powering the Blower is a reliable 5.5 HP Honda GC160 motor, ensuring optimal performance. With a swift 153 MPH airstream, the RD 6009 can efficiently dry up to 1600 cubic feet per minute. Trust in Red Dragon's RD 6009 for unmatched roofing efficiency and performance, backed by cutting-edge specifications for a seamless workflow.

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