Rope Adjuster (Rope Grabber)Alloy Steel Falltech For Use With 5/8" Poly Rope

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The FallTech Hinged Trailing Rope Adjuster is a game-changer in efficient and replicable connection point management. This versatile tool features an easy-to-use hinged design, allowing workers to clip in securely at any point on a properly secured lifeline. Ensuring proper tie-off procedures are a breeze, making worksite safety a top priority. Crafted from durable alloy steel, this rope grab is specifically engineered for use with 5/8" diameter synthetic rope lifelines, combined with energy/shock absorbing lanyards.

Designed for reliability and safety, this rope grab is intended for use by a single worker, accommodating weights of up to 310 lbs., providing confidence to those working at heights. Its cam-action braking system swiftly locks onto the lifeline in the event of a fall, guaranteeing a prompt response to arrest any potential accidents. The trailing mobility allows users to ascend and descend with minimal effort, while the tension roller and internal spring keep the lifeline in the correct position while allowing for easy user mobility. Safety is further enhanced by an anti-inversion hinge cam to prevent upside-down installations and a double-locking closure to prevent accidental openings.

Product Features:

  • Hinged design allows user installation at any point on the lifeline
  • Trailing mobility follows ascending and descending user with minimal effort.
  • Cam-action braking design quickly locks on the lifeline to arrest the fall
  • Tension roller and internal spring maintain lifeline position and allow user mobility
  • Anti-inversion hinge cam prevents upside-down installation
  • Double-locking closure helps prevent accidental opening
  • Alloy steel construction for use with 5/8" diameter synthetic rope lifeline and energy absorbing lanyard
  • Meets OSHA 1926.502 and 1910.66 Regulations
  • Part #: 7479

Additional Resources:

FallTech Hinged Trailing Rope Adjuster Instruction Manual


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